Pictures: Songs from Movie Musicals is a celebration of Musicals that have had a life on the Silver Screen, which Kerrie Anne and musical director, Joshua James Webb, have written to share with you all.

Do you remember the first movie musical you ever saw? Perhaps it was The Sound of Music, or Snow White, or maybe 42nd Street. And do you have a favorite you watch every year? Like the Muppets Christmas Carol, Meet Me in St Louis or … Sweeny Todd. Kerrie Anne’s first was Sleeping Beauty and she watches A Star is Born every year (and of course the LOTR trilogy, worth mentioning even though it’s not a musical).

Remember the classics: An American in Paris, Singing in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, Funny Girl. And more recently: Mamma Mia, Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman.

There have been 10 Movie Musicals that have won the Oscar for Best Feature Film, and countless more that have made us all laugh, cry, tap along and dream of it being socially acceptable to burst into song… perhaps somewhere over that rainbow it is.