I met Rob Mallett bak in 2010 when we started study at WAAPA and the first official assessment is called a "performance prac." where you choose a song from the given topic, work on it yourself and present it to the entire Music Theatre Faculty, you do like 3 a year. But the first one is a duet, in hopes that it won't be as scary if you do it with someone else. Now, no offense to anyone else in the class of 2012, but when I heard Rob Mallett sing I thought "I have to do my duet with him!" It's not only his voice though, I do think he has a phenomenal stage presence and really wanted to work opposite him. Little did I know, we would do a lot of that during the next 6 years...

We did a collection of the Grimms Tales in second year and it opened with the story of Hansel and Gretel. In this version the actor who plays the Witch is also the children's mother... creepy right... and I got to play that part, so I stared as Rob's wife (who happened to convince him to abandon their children, twice, before becoming the witch (wearing red contacts which were super awesome!) who tried to eat the little children). Fun times. 

We did The Rise and Fall of Little Voice where Rob played the Michael Caine character Ray Say to my Little Voice, we did Xanadu where I was one of the Evil Women along side Diana Perini, who we have heard about before from Ben Hall, and Diana and I had a couple scenes with Rob's character, Danny. We then did How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying where I was Smitty and he was JB Bigley and in Into The Woods Rob played Rapunzel's prince and I totally threw him off the tower and blinded him as the Witch. 

But that was not to be the end! We both were soloists at the Cole Porter Celebration Concert with the Sydney Philharmonia Choir and Orchestra (I've attached a song we did together, it's a live version... just so you know) before going on to Les Miserables Australia where we went on a couple times as Eponine and Marius. My goodness!! :)

I think Rob is a very talented man and cannot wait to see what he does in the future... though, we already know that he is in the cast of Singing in the Rain! So go check it out here to see him in action.