So today we are heading off to start the International Tour of Les Miserables, which is super exciting... Working while travelling, I am one very lucky lady. But it made me think back to the very beginning of Les Mis Australia, which is also super exciting to think about btw... I was working as waitress onboard the Captain Cook Cruise line, which I loved doing, when I got my first audition for Les Mis. I met the beautiful Elisa Colla in the waiting room, I love her, and she had the opening of West Side Story in Sydney last night (she's playing Maria) check it out if you can, book here

Anyway, I've told this story before, but incase you missed it... It was a Monday and I was booked to audition for an ensemble part and Eponine understudy on the Friday, when I get this call from my agent saying they want to see me the following morning for Eponine! Now, that threw my hair washing schedule right out... girls, you know what I mean... I literally fell to the floor laughing, 'as if they would want to see me for Eponine', anyway skip to a few months later and I'm cast, and the stunning Emily Langridge is cast and they're searching for a Marius. Chris Durling actually did "A Heart Full of Love" with Em and I in one audition round. 

So, Emily and I get called in for the Marius auditions where we sang with our good friend Rob Mallett (who covered the role) and Euan Doidge. Euan has the biggest heart! And the best dance legs... he is a beautiful soul and we were so blessed to have him as our Marius. Check out his website here btw. The three of us started trying to scare each other backstage all the time, because it's so dark right? and there are so many places to hide, yay! Euan got me so many times. It was such a joy having fun little things you do every night backstage to break up the heartache onstage.

As I said, we were so lucky to have Euan and although Emily and I are very excited for the new company, of course we will miss the man we fell in love with every day for 18 months. So to honour the man I loved I wanted to start my new Blog page with Euan and his podcast episode... you can listen through the widget above, and as a special bonus I've put our version of "You Will" just below. 

Enjoy!! And I will endeavour to put up more blogs soon. But in the mean time feel free to write to me to let me know what you think about the podcast and the little blog. :)